Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Helpful Information To Find The Ideal Web Hosting Company

With the right Web Hosting Services you can accelerate the growth of your business. With the enormous rise in the area of Web Hosting Company in India, the individuals and the multinationals now have option to make their web pages run efficiently over the internet. With all the technology and services that are needed to run the website, under their belt, they make sure that the user just have to punch in your web address to see all the related details and information about you. The main things that you need to look while finding the ideal web hosting company in India are:

1.   Impeccable Customer Service: The hosting provider should provide round the clock customer support and service with Managed Dedicated Servers. Check all the areas that the claims they have made regarding their services are genuine, because you’re a paying customer and you should get the services accordingly.

2.   Reputable Online Credentials: Make sure that the service provider has good service record. With various Resellers hosting in India check this by going through the reviews and comments it has receive over the period of his service time and check whether it’s been ever short on business.

3.   Refund Policy: Give attention that the provider gives you a money back policy if you aren’t satisfied with the service. Make sure to read the contract carefully.

4.   Uptime: Look for the uptime which should be minimum of 99.5%. If it offers 99%, overlook it as it’s too low for a hosting provider. Keep in mind that the provider has documented proof to back its claims. 

5.   Monthly Payments: Choosing a monthly payment options gives you a freedom to pay according to the services you’re getting. Paying a single shot yearly payment may leave you with a feeling of forced to stay with the company for a fixed time.

6.   Control panel quality: Having a user interface that is easy to understand is very important. You need a control panel to manage your web page. Request a demo of the control panel from the hosting provider to judge it.

7.   Sufficient Monthly Bandwidth: The amount of data that goes in and out of server when your viewers watch video, or read content or do purchase or anything from your website. Make sure the bandwidth allocated matches with your needs.

8.   Disk Space: the disk space should be according to your needs.

9.   Log Analysis Software tool: The standard provider is the Webalizer, but your hosting company may opt for a different solution. Check the log files with the solution provided before zeroing onto it.

10.   Email Support: Make sure it comes with forwarding option, auto responders, virus protection and junk mail filters.

11.   Multi FTP Access: This allows you to manage your web page independently.

12.   Platform for Publishing: Verify that your hosting provider supports Word Press. Setting up your own publishing platform might be stressful and time consuming.

13.   Backup: The hosting provider should provide you with the entire backup program. If something goes wrong, you should be able to back up all the files and years of your work.

14.   MySQL, PHP, Perl Support: You need all these to run a professional website and they help in advanced scripting and customization.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Moving to a Business Web VPS Reseller Hosting Company In India

A growing business demands a website and website then demands a hosting platform. A Web Hosting Company in India should utilize the power of the internet to help you achieve your business goals. A company with Managed Dedicated Servers with rich and vast experience in the internet technologies garners you with desired results.

Rather than giving you predefined and maintained solutions, a web hosting company should identify the platform you want to work on and then should develop the generic solutions after understanding your business objectives creating a unique solution that amplifies your business presence. As every business has challenges at every step, the solutions should always promote the growth of the business. With growing Virtual Private Server in India you get a wide options and exposure for successful implementation and rapid accomplishments of your business objectives with the help of dedicated web hosting services. Moving to a web hosting company enhances your business value and operational excellence, and makes sure that your business gets strategized in the right direction. The services offered should be on par with the brand value your organisation holds.

The scene of web hosting company in India and Reseller hosting inIndia has changed dramatically in the last couple of years. It’s blazing with rapid growth and the outsourcing is proving clientele satisfying services all over the world.  The web hosting company makes sure that they follow the latest trends in web programming and designs and appoint highly qualified and trained staff to handle your website development and maintenance. Moving to a web hosting company offers the following advantages:

  • Timely delivery and maintenance of the solutions provided.
  •      The services on offer comes with cutting edge technology all complete with firewall protection, and are run by state of the art Managed Dedicated Servers.

  • ·         Web hosting plans generally support CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Magneto and more, thus giving you exposure to work on various platforms. 
    ·         Webhosting services comes with peace of mind as you can give them all the working of the website and thus it leaves you free with the saved time.
    ·         The web hosting companies provides 24*7 support. This helps you in the maintenance and support of the web site.
    ·         With the option of control panels, management of the database, Parked and add on domain, it gives you multiple options to choose from.
    ·         The services come with free setup and installations of Business blogs and E-Commerce websites. This helps in further promotions and strategies.
    ·         The hosting services also provide the option of website builder, email, Email forwarding. This extra service helps in the overall development of the website.
    ·         24*7 phone support makes sure you’re just a phone call away from resolving the glitch if you face any in the future. Plus the additional Chat and ticket support open more gates in the maintaince area.
    ·         It provides SMTP/POP3/MySql/Python supports too.
    ·         The data centre comes with Tier-4 and provide cutting edge technology.

The services on offer comes with cutting edge technology all complete with firewall protection, and are run by state of the art Managed Dedicated Servers.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Responsibilities Of A Best Web, VPS & Reseller Hosting Company

As web service providers one should always make sure the websites that are up are running up to date and performing according to the expectations. A website should be up and running and should provide all the relevant information at the disposal and the user should be able to extract information out of it in a simple and efficient manner.  This is one of the many responsibilities that are played by a web hosting company in India to keep websites running and hosted under them that run online throughout the clock. The main points under which the responsibilities of a web hosting companies are highlighted are:

1.   Monitoring of the server:
The majority of the web hosting companies in India keeps a track on their server 24*7. A good and efficient web hosting company has Managed Dedicated Servers, and should be able to handle all the monitoring tasks such as tracing and managing the issues related to websites within the servers and keep them running without any glitch, scanning and managing event logs. The servers are maintained with proper monitoring scripts and they are used to send notification to the server department if in case any malfunction occurs so that the notified glitch gets sorted out in a timely manner, making the website up and running again.

2.   Installation of the Software:
A web hosting company should provide all the necessary updates and software that are essential for the fully functional website to run smoothly and efficiently. Some companies have Virtual Private Server in India which also help user to manage all the testing and running of the website on dedicated servers. The hosting company should be able to rectify all the problems of the software too.

3.   Software updates and Security:
This is the main part for any web hosting company in India as the servers often are exposed to getting attached by viruses, and threats and this can affect the website in a severe way that are hosted over them. Hosting providers must make sure that they have all the latest updates securities for the software they are running for their Managed Dedicated Servers so that to prevent any bugs and loops that can be uncovered in the hands of the hackers.

4.   Restoration and Backup:
There are many web hosting and Reseller hosting in India that offer free backup services. This process is an automated one and works on the principle that if in case the user’s website crashes and if something went wrong in the server, the backup files can be used to restore the website to its previous condition.  The user is given an option to manually backup his file over by downloading them from the host to his personal computer or drive over time to time.

The web hosting is a long and dedicated process and should be opted for after reviewing the complete feedbacks on the respective hosting providers to know and acquaint yourself with enough information to choose the suitable web hosting company.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


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