Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Helpful Information To Find The Ideal Web Hosting Company

With the right Web Hosting Services you can accelerate the growth of your business. With the enormous rise in the area of Web Hosting Company in India, the individuals and the multinationals now have option to make their web pages run efficiently over the internet. With all the technology and services that are needed to run the website, under their belt, they make sure that the user just have to punch in your web address to see all the related details and information about you. The main things that you need to look while finding the ideal web hosting company in India are:

1.   Impeccable Customer Service: The hosting provider should provide round the clock customer support and service with Managed Dedicated Servers. Check all the areas that the claims they have made regarding their services are genuine, because you’re a paying customer and you should get the services accordingly.

2.   Reputable Online Credentials: Make sure that the service provider has good service record. With various Resellers hosting in India check this by going through the reviews and comments it has receive over the period of his service time and check whether it’s been ever short on business.

3.   Refund Policy: Give attention that the provider gives you a money back policy if you aren’t satisfied with the service. Make sure to read the contract carefully.

4.   Uptime: Look for the uptime which should be minimum of 99.5%. If it offers 99%, overlook it as it’s too low for a hosting provider. Keep in mind that the provider has documented proof to back its claims. 

5.   Monthly Payments: Choosing a monthly payment options gives you a freedom to pay according to the services you’re getting. Paying a single shot yearly payment may leave you with a feeling of forced to stay with the company for a fixed time.

6.   Control panel quality: Having a user interface that is easy to understand is very important. You need a control panel to manage your web page. Request a demo of the control panel from the hosting provider to judge it.

7.   Sufficient Monthly Bandwidth: The amount of data that goes in and out of server when your viewers watch video, or read content or do purchase or anything from your website. Make sure the bandwidth allocated matches with your needs.

8.   Disk Space: the disk space should be according to your needs.

9.   Log Analysis Software tool: The standard provider is the Webalizer, but your hosting company may opt for a different solution. Check the log files with the solution provided before zeroing onto it.

10.   Email Support: Make sure it comes with forwarding option, auto responders, virus protection and junk mail filters.

11.   Multi FTP Access: This allows you to manage your web page independently.

12.   Platform for Publishing: Verify that your hosting provider supports Word Press. Setting up your own publishing platform might be stressful and time consuming.

13.   Backup: The hosting provider should provide you with the entire backup program. If something goes wrong, you should be able to back up all the files and years of your work.

14.   MySQL, PHP, Perl Support: You need all these to run a professional website and they help in advanced scripting and customization.

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