Monday, 5 May 2014

Responsibilities Of A Best Web, VPS & Reseller Hosting Company

As web service providers one should always make sure the websites that are up are running up to date and performing according to the expectations. A website should be up and running and should provide all the relevant information at the disposal and the user should be able to extract information out of it in a simple and efficient manner.  This is one of the many responsibilities that are played by a web hosting company in India to keep websites running and hosted under them that run online throughout the clock. The main points under which the responsibilities of a web hosting companies are highlighted are:

1.   Monitoring of the server:
The majority of the web hosting companies in India keeps a track on their server 24*7. A good and efficient web hosting company has Managed Dedicated Servers, and should be able to handle all the monitoring tasks such as tracing and managing the issues related to websites within the servers and keep them running without any glitch, scanning and managing event logs. The servers are maintained with proper monitoring scripts and they are used to send notification to the server department if in case any malfunction occurs so that the notified glitch gets sorted out in a timely manner, making the website up and running again.

2.   Installation of the Software:
A web hosting company should provide all the necessary updates and software that are essential for the fully functional website to run smoothly and efficiently. Some companies have Virtual Private Server in India which also help user to manage all the testing and running of the website on dedicated servers. The hosting company should be able to rectify all the problems of the software too.

3.   Software updates and Security:
This is the main part for any web hosting company in India as the servers often are exposed to getting attached by viruses, and threats and this can affect the website in a severe way that are hosted over them. Hosting providers must make sure that they have all the latest updates securities for the software they are running for their Managed Dedicated Servers so that to prevent any bugs and loops that can be uncovered in the hands of the hackers.

4.   Restoration and Backup:
There are many web hosting and Reseller hosting in India that offer free backup services. This process is an automated one and works on the principle that if in case the user’s website crashes and if something went wrong in the server, the backup files can be used to restore the website to its previous condition.  The user is given an option to manually backup his file over by downloading them from the host to his personal computer or drive over time to time.

The web hosting is a long and dedicated process and should be opted for after reviewing the complete feedbacks on the respective hosting providers to know and acquaint yourself with enough information to choose the suitable web hosting company.

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